Webcam was installed 4. Nov. 2007 on the top of Hotel Tsamadou,but unfortunately there was problems getting the ADSL-line.
Finally it became active 9. May 2008!!.



  • Mounting cameraMounting camera
  • Torben on the topTorben on the top
  • Torben on the top - will it work??Torben on the top - will it work??
  • testing...testing...
  • IMPOSSIBLE to see the screen !IMPOSSIBLE to see the screen !
  • Trying to adjust, but...Trying to adjust, but...
  • Hard to see anything too much light !!Hard to see anything too much light !!
  • This was much better!This was much better!
  • Final adjustmentsFinal adjustments
  • Camera visible to the rightCamera visible to the right
  • Top of hotel TsamadouTop of hotel Tsamadou
  • The first picture from the cameraThe first picture from the camera