Dairy on Samos Late summer 2010.


Cheese and other dairy products are made as home production many places on Samos, but there is only one dairy where the farmers can deliver cow-, goat- and sheepmilk.

The dairy is located in the town Mitilini and owned by Dimitris Vourliotes and his family.

The production based on cowmilk take place the whole year and all things based on goat- and sheepmilk only in the winther time. Yearly they receive about 400 tons of cowmilk, 200 tons of goatmilk and 100 tons of sheepmilk.


  • m01The sign outside the dairy
  • m02Logo on their cars
  • m03The milk is received here
  • m04Cleaning of the emptied milk pails
  • m05Heattreatment of the milk
  • m06Heattreatment of the milk
  • m07Heattreatment of the milk
  • m08Producing cream of rice and cheese
  • m09Producing cream of rice and cheese
  • m10Cheese storrage
  • m11Graviera - The main cheese product presented by the owner Dimitris Vourliotes
  • m12Graviera - The main cheese product
  • m13Samos Feta cheese
  • m14By-product from the cheese production is dried and..
  • m15Used for making a special soup
  • m16Ready for delivery