April 2016 Eupalinos tunnel - Nature

Good news. The Eupalinos tunnel will be open this season after about 2 years restauration work, and it should now be possible to visit the  whole tunnel all the way to the north end.

About 500 m. north of the tunnel traces of the original planned reservoir (by the spring) is visible and the used reservoir (under the church) is located about 20 m. from that point.

This year was the first time I had the possibility to get some pictures to show how the reservoir looks inside!! I have visited the place more than 50 times without any luck.

I look forward to visit the tunnel in June. I now only miss 2 pictures from the north end of the tunnel to finish the final version of my book about the tunnel.


Some pictures to show the 'wild life on Samos'.

Pond turtles by Potokaki, birds at Alyki Wetland (Mykali Beach), Pine Procession Moths close to M. Timiou Stavrou and north of Pyrgos & a big turtle between Mytilini & Kedros.

As well as I can see has the Pine Procession Moth been a rather big problem - many pine trees are damaged and even big trees are dead because the moths are eating all the needles.


April flowers. Samos is beautiful in the springtime!

Pictures and text: Torben