Aerial photo, Kokkari.

© All photo: Manolis Mirsiadis.©


These pictures from a flight around Kokkari are made by Manolis Mirsiadis, Kokkari.
Many thanks for the permission to use them here on our website, and also many thanks to his brother Vangelis for arranging it!!

  • 01-05920018Kokkari center
  • 02-05920020Kokkari center w. Agios Nikolaos
  • 03-05920013Seen from west
  • 05920025From north
  • 05920026From north
  • 05920027From north
  • 05920028From north
  • 05920029From north-east
  • 05920030From north-east
  • 05920031From east
  • 05920032From east
  • 05920033From east
  • 05940008Finally a view of Tsamadou beach