Sep. - Oct. 2009.

A few of the most important highlights from Torbens 3'rd tour in 2009.

This tour began with a small jeep-safari (128 km.) with some friends, who had visited Samos several times. But they had (to my opinion) never seen the real Samos - Now they have!...

The next day Jan & I took a tour to the top of Mt. Kastro. From home I had calculated that it should be possible from one spot on the top of the mountain (directly above the Eupalinos tunnel) to look to both sides of the mountain and see the points Eupalinos used when planning the tunnel.

My calculations were right, and we found the point - so now I can finish my story (theory) about the tunnel.

The third day on Samos I got a big gift: An "old" Suzuki TS (enduro). It had been standing for about 6 years and not been used, but it was in very good shape. So after 4 days work it looked as new and now all the paperwork is done with registration and insurance.

Jan and I have been working on our project with registration og all the small churches in the Kokkari area. We have now covered about 75-80%.

In Kokkari there were 4 water mills. 2 used for wheat, 1 for pressing olives and finally one for making ice. More will come about the mills later.

I had 3 weeks with very nice weather - lots of sun, 24-31 degree and only 2 days with a little rain.

  • 01-DSC_1888After 4 days work Torben had his first testdrive in the mountains on his 'new' off-roader.
  • 02-DSC_1890Kokkari in the background
  • 03-DSC_1779Mount Kastro seen from The Roman Bath by Pythagorion
  • 04-DSC_1766This might be the point used for construction of the tunnel
  • 05-DSC_1733To the south the tunnel exit is visible..
  • 06-DSC_1734and to the North the area with the spring.
  • 07-DSC_1735North-West more than 20 caves, where they probably took material to the covered pipeline.
  • 08-DSC_1749A look at the top of Mount Kastro with the townwall.
  • 09-DSC_1793Still warm and nice in Kokkari
  • 10-DSC_1792but most of the restaurants are now closing
  • 11-DSC_1794and the cats are taking over..
  • 12-DSC_1795closed
  • 13-DSC_1796Meravilia still open
  • 14-DSC_1797Nice colours
  • 15-DSC_1799Here is something to do in the winter time.
  • 16-DSC_1803Sunshine and warm water
  • 17-DSC_1801'Slamming' octopus
  • 18-DSC_1808The kids enjoy the good weather
  • 19-DSC_1804Not many people on the beach here
  • 20-DSC_1805but 100 m. further West some enjoy the 27 degree C.
  • 21-DSC_1827From the road between Samos & Nisi
  • 22-DSC_1825Church on top og the island. No other buildings!
  • 23-DSC_1828Road chapels
  • 24-DSC_1829Old and traditional.
  • 25-DSC_1833New & ??. Might be after a car accident.
  • 26-DSC_1849We visited the remains of the 4 old water mills in Kokkari. The tour began with half an hour heavy rain.
  • 27-DSC_1852Tony inspecting the 'heart' of a wheat mill.
  • 28-DSC_1853The nozzle and the horisontal mill wheel
  • 29-DSC_1859Jan standing on the edge of the reservoir
  • 30-DSC_1861the reservoir
  • 31-DSC_1899Just outside Kokkari - remains of reservoir-tower
  • 32-DSC_1898the reservoir is visible on the top
  • 33-DSC_1875After a long and wett walk we found the mill which produced ICE!!
  • 34-DSC_1882Tony warned Jan: Take care that tree is rotten.
  • 35-DSC_1884Part of the old ice machine - a long iron tube.
  • 36-DSC_1891Big new & small old house as neighbours
  • 37-DSC_1902One of the many (>20) churches by Kokkari.
  • 38-DSC_1904outside the church
  • 39-DSC_1907the church inside
  • 40-DSC_1909Area to the South of Kokkari
  • 41-DSC_1911garden gate
  • 42-DSC_1912heavily secured!
  • 43-DSC_1984Tiny and very tired lizard. Had been swimming around in a pool for 1-2 hours.
  • 44-DSC_1986VERY TINY...
  • 45-DSC_1915blackberry
  • 46-DSC_1921Flowers
  • 47-DSC_1919Old and new side by side.
  • 48-DSC_1923Narrow passage by Profile Bar.
  • 49-DSC_1918roof decoration