Sep. - Oct. 2009.

A few of the most important highlights from Torbens 3'rd tour in 2009.

This tour began with a small jeep-safari (128 km.) with some friends, who had visited Samos several times. But they had (to my opinion) never seen the real Samos - Now they have!...

The next day Jan & I took a tour to the top of Mt. Kastro. From home I had calculated that it should be possible from one spot on the top of the mountain (directly above the Eupalinos tunnel) to look to both sides of the mountain and see the points Eupalinos used when planning the tunnel.

My calculations were right, and we found the point - so now I can finish my story (theory) about the tunnel.

The third day on Samos I got a big gift: An "old" Suzuki TS (enduro). It had been standing for about 6 years and not been used, but it was in very good shape. So after 4 days work it looked as new and now all the paperwork is done with registration and insurance.

Jan and I have been working on our project with registration og all the small churches in the Kokkari area. We have now covered about 75-80%.

In Kokkari there were 4 water mills. 2 used for wheat, 1 for pressing olives and finally one for making ice. More will come about the mills later.

I had 3 weeks with very nice weather - lots of sun, 24-31 degree and only 2 days with a little rain.