Photo: Jan Backstrøm, Kokkari. Text: Samostour/tb.


24-25 Jan. Wintertour.

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  • 04-Vourliotes25_01_06
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Vourliotes with snow in the mountains.

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Monestary Vronda.

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Monestary Vronda.

  • Vronda entrance.Vronda entrance.
  • Freezing palm.Freezing palm.
  • A very cold bench!A very cold bench!


Herdsman close to Moni Vronda. The herdsman and Jan had a "little talk"
(the herdsman only in greek language and Jan only in norvegian and english)
The herdsman had a bottle of Zuma, so they had a few drinks in the cold weather - 0 degree C.!!

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The goats are moved to a snowfree area.

  • The grapefields with snow.The grapefields with snow.
  • The grapefields with snow.The grapefields with snow.


Views from Vourliotes.

  • Kambos.Kambos.
  • Kokkari.Kokkari.
  • Kokkari with tele.Kokkari with tele.
  • Kokkari.Kokkari.
  • Kokkari.Kokkari.
  • Kokkari.Kokkari.
  • Kokkari (Samos in the background).Kokkari (Samos in the background).
  • Mountains above Vourliotes.Mountains above Vourliotes.



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The "big mistake" is still standing !! This ugly building is build on the only "parking-place" in the western part of Kokkari.
If an earthquake or a tsunami should destroy anything on Samos - then please let it be this building and nothing else !!