Mykali Beach Oct.

It can not be better! 750 meters beach for your self! Very little wind. 24-27°C, lots of sun

and water temp around 24-25°.

We visited the beach many days - a few days we could see 3-4 people on the beach.

One day there were a little crowded for about 15 minutes as the pictures show :-)


  • 1-Mykali_beach1-Mykali_beach
  • 2-Mykali_beach2-Mykali_beach
  • 3-Mykali_beach3-Mykali_beach
  • 4-Mykali_beach4-Mykali_beach
  • 5-Mykali_beach5-Mykali_beach
  • 6-Mykali_beach6-Mykali_beach
  • 7-Mykali_beach7-Mykali_beach
  • 8-Mykali_beach8-Mykali_beach