Kokkari. 20. April 2008.

I (Torben) am working on 2 projects about the Eupalinos tunnel (more info about this will come very soon). During this work (using Google Earth) I observed something strange on top of the nearby mountain, and I also found, that Jan and I during our research in the area missed the last shaft before the tunnel (see the Eupalinos Tunnel page.).
Jan has solved many problems related to my projects (measurements, photo documentation...) and without his assistance it would have been impossible to do it.
To day Jan decided also to solve these new problems, and made a MC-tour to the mountain top and to the Agiades area.
The following pictures are from this tour.

Panorama from the fortification area with a view to the airport and Hora.

  • 2008_04-20_Agiades_area_010On the top of the mountain west of Mt. Kastro
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_011An old fortification (2. W.W.) with underground trenches between the shooting / observation posts.
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_012Shooting / observation posts.
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_013Shooting / observation posts.
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_014Shooting / observation posts.
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_015View from the fortification down to the airport
  • 2008_04_20_Agiades_area_022Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_Flowers_at_Agiades_areaFlowers at Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_Flowers_at_Agiades_area2Flowers at Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_Flowers_at_Agiades_area3Flowers at Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_Flowers_at_Agiades_area5Flowers at Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_Flowers_at_Agiades_area7Flowers at Agiades area
  • 2008_04_20_HoraView from the fortification to Hora
  • 2008_04_20_Next_to_Euphalonios_north_entranceThe missing shaft. Very close to the Eupalinos tunnel north entrance
  • 2008_04_20_Next_to_Euphalonios_north_entrance1The shaft is filled up.
  • 2008_04_20_Next_to_Euphalonios_north_entrance2Seen from the shaft. The last shaft we found is located in the bush 1 meter from the road.
  • 2008_04_20_Road_to_north_entrance_of_Euphalonios_tunnel40 meter from the north entrance of the tunnel
  • 2008_04_20_Road_to_north_entrance_of_Euphalonios_tunnel1New (good) road to the north entrance.
  • 2008_04_20_Road_to_north_entrance_of_Euphalonios_tunnel2New (good) road to the north entrance.
  • 2008_04_20_Samos_airport_and_IreonView from the fortification to the airport and Ireon
  • Agiades1From Google Earth: The old church in Agiades, Tunnel north entry and the fortification area marked.
  • Agiades2Close up on the fortification area.