Samos Aug. 2011

Photo: Jan & Torben.


Summertime on Samos. Not many news from Kokkari - a very nice place as allways and the same problems year after year.
One of the biggest problems are the lack of parking places. It is often very entertaining to watch people trying to find a place to park, but it is absolutely NOT fun to search for a place in the middle of the night!
Many old (not used) cars are taking up space and some of the car-rentals are using the public parking places as an extension of their busines area!

One very nice thing is, that a big number of solar-panel stations are now being installed all over Samos.


The mountain area south of Kokkari

  • 01_DSC0493Samos town
  • 02_DSC0415For sale (Kokkari)
  • 03_DSC0682Decorative root
  • 04_DSC0477New beach taverna in Kedros
  • 05_DSC0538Beach taverna in Kedros
  • 06_DSC0480Beach taverna in Kedros
  • 07_DSC0481Beach taverna in Kedros
  • 08_DSC0483Beach taverna in Kedros
  • 09_DSC0484Special delivery to taverna
  • 10_DSC0486Solar panels near Kokkari
  • 11_DSC0490Solar panels near Kokkari
  • 12_DSC0690Figs - more than ready
  • 13_DSC0561Flower Kokkari
  • 14_DSC0672aFlower Kokkari
  • 15_DSC0562Flower Kokkari
  • 16_DSC0505M. Megalis Panaghias
  • 17_DSC0576Salt lake between Mykali & Psili Amos
  • 18_DSC0582Psili Amos
  • 19_DSC0609Tsamadou beach
  • 20_DSC0629Mt. Ambelos
  • 21_DSC0635'Road' east of Mt. Ambelos
  • 22_DSC0636Near Kastro Louloudas
  • 23-1_Hera-areaHera temple from above.
  • 23_DSC0654aBWNear Kastro Louloudas
  • 24-1_CatTourCat on tour
  • 24-2_Siesta_in_the_shadeSiesta in the shade
  • 24_DSC0664Greek evening Restaurant Mythos, Kokkari
  • 25_DSC0694Too many long time parkings and rental cars on the P-place in Kokkari
  • 26_DSC0695Obvious a VERY long time parking!
  • 27_DSC0700Fire in Turkey seen from Kokkari
  • 28_DSC0712Fire in Turkey - night photo
  • 29_DSC0719Mt. Kerketeas from the road SW of Kosmadei
  • 30_DSC0723Monument by Kamara NE of Mt. Kerketeas

View from the monument