Tour to Kastro Louloudas

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  • 001_DSC2132The tour starts from Kokkari
  • 002_DSC2130by the remains of the old aquaduct (1)
  • 003_07_06_21_029Turn left, if you go right.. (2)
  • 004_DSC2118you pass the orchid gardener and (3)
  • 005_DSC2116the aquaduct (water for watermill), and
  • 006_DSC2119the road continius as foot path to Vourliotes (4)
  • 007_07_06_21_028Continue on 'mainroad' & turn right (5)
  • 008_07_06_21_027Next choice by Georgios - turn Left (7)
  • 009_07_06_21_025RETprintTorben on the road...
  • 010_07_06_21_023Rest of the tour is 'well' marked.
  • 011_07_06_21_021We met our old friend herdsman Manolis
  • 012_07_06_21_022we had a little rest and a talk
  • 013_07_06_21_020'Miss Goat' was a little interested..
  • 014_DSC3644We passed 'Stoneface' watching Kokkari (9)
  • 015_DSC3647The view from 'Stoneface' (9 on map)
  • 016_DSC3649Parking in the turn - We only met Manolis on the tour.
  • 017_07_06_21_00110 min. later we came to the footpath to Castro Louloudas. (10)
  • 018_07_06_21_007Well marked. We decided not to go there (34C. in the shade)
  • 019_DSC3638We could see the top - but not 'C.L.'
  • 020_DSC3639A closer look - Then we continued up -
  • 021_DSC3635At the end of the road we could see Castro Louloudas.
  • 022_07_06_21_002Footpath is slightly visible at the bottom.
  • 023_07_06_21_003CASTRO LOULOUDAS

Photo: J.B. & T.B.