from grapes to bottle...


  • 001_DSC2134Location: In the mountains above Vourliotes.
  • 002_DSC2221Truck parked at the end of the road.
  • 003_DSC2135Grapes everywhere.
  • 004_DSC2138We can see some people 2-300 m. away.
  • 005_DSC2146Panayotis on his way down to the truck
  • 006_DSC2149with between 70 and 80 Kg. of grapes on his shoulders.
  • 007_DSC2152007_DSC2152
  • 008_DSC2159008_DSC2159
  • 009_DSC2154009_DSC2154
  • 010_DSC2160010_DSC2160
  • 011_DSC2157011_DSC2157
  • 012_DSC2158012_DSC2158
  • 013_DSC2183No time to enjoy the nice view.
  • 014_DSC2185Just working hard in the heat
  • 015_DSC2179015_DSC2179
  • 016_DSC2171016_DSC2171
  • 017_DSC2172017_DSC2172
  • 018_DSC2194018_DSC2194
  • 019_DSC2190aCarrying grapes . .
  • 020_DSC2165aand filling . .
  • 021_DSC2166bag after bag.
  • 022_DSC2143022_DSC2143
  • 023_DSC2164Panayotis off again, and down
  • 024_DSC2186ato the truck behind the left house
  • 025_DSC2191RETxTime for a small break,
  • 026_DSC2163Reta cigaret
  • 027_DSC2188aand some water!!!
  • 027b_DSC2192xprintetReady again!
  • 028_DSC2196rRemoving bad grapes
  • 029_DSC2195A really big bunch of grapes!
  • 030_DSC2208030_DSC2208
  • 031_DSC2205xHere you cut !
  • 032_DSC2199Cleaning.
  • 033_DSC2198More cleaning
  • 034_DSC2202a quick view to the sea.
  • 035_DSC2186bOn our way back to the house
  • 036_DSC2214Panayotis passed us.
  • 037_DSC2193RetThat was a day ! More than 1.500 Kg carried down!
  • 038_DSC2218The owners dog.
  • 039_DSC2215aResting in the shade by the house.
  • 040_DSC2219aOutdoor kitchen
  • 041_DSC2220and owen.


After the wineyard we visited the wine co-operative in Samos. The museum part is open for visitors, and abs. worth visiting.


  • 042_DSC2279Entrance to the administration
  • 043_DSC2235aArriving with grapes.
  • 044_DSC2237aUnloading in the weight
  • 045_DSC2238Controlboard for the 'receive' section.
  • 046_DSC2239Weight controls. He just delivered 304 Kg.
  • 047_DSC2240The grapes are 'snailed' in to the separator


Leaves, and stalks are removed and blown out to the outdoor wastepile.

The grapes are pressed. The quality of the juice is measured. The juice is

then contained in big rotating tanks for a couple of days.


  • 048_DSC2243measuring the quality
  • 049_DSC2244measuring the quality
  • 050_DSC2245measuring the quality
  • 051_DSC2246Above 12 is = good.
  • 052_DSC2247'Presser' and rotating tank.
  • 053_DSC2248'Presser' and rotating tank.
  • 054_DSC2249Part of the separator.
  • 055_DSC2250The tanks again.
  • 056_DSC2251The dry stuff from the grapes.


The dry remains are used for animal food and as some kind of farmyard manure.


  • 057_DSC2253aStanding below 50.000 l. juice/wine.
  • 058_DSC225425.000 l. tanks.
  • 059_DSC2255a40.000 l. tanks. Finished wine.
  • 060_DSC225650.000 l. tanks. Finished wine.
  • 061_DSC2257aTop of a full tank The condense show the level.
  • 062_DSC2258aLeaving the production part
  • 063_DSC2278The wastepile of leaves and stalks.


In the exhibition part is a large collection of medals and diploms.


  • 064_DSC2261064_DSC2261
  • 065_DSC2262065_DSC2262
  • 066_DSC2260066_DSC2260
  • 067_DSC2263aMany interesting tools and old parts from the Samos wine production.
  • 068_DSC2264a068_DSC2264a
  • 069_DSC2269a069_DSC2269a
  • 070_DSC2271a070_DSC2271a
  • 071_DSC2270a071_DSC2270a
  • 072_DSC2272aMany historical bottles.
  • 073_DSC2273a073_DSC2273a


In the cellar the high quality wine is stored in barrels and bottles. Some of the types are stored 3-5 years.


  • 074_DSC2265a074_DSC2265a
  • 075_DSC2267a075_DSC2267a
  • 076_DSC2268a076_DSC2268a


In this very nice old production hall the guests can taste all the different types of Samos wine, and in the nearby shop they can buy or order the wine if they want so.


  • 077_DSC2259a077_DSC2259a
  • 078_DSC2274a078_DSC2274a
  • 079_DSC2275079_DSC2275
  • 080_DSC2276080_DSC2276
  • 081_DSC2277a081_DSC2277a