Snow above Kokkari, Feb. 2009.

Jan & Tony (La Plage) on snow-tour 22 Feb. 2009.

It was 'white' in the mountains above Kokkari, so Jan & Tony decided to take a tour 'up high'.

The pictures below shows what the "summer-visitors" never see!

It is NOT from the north of Scandinavia it is on Samos!

  • 20090222-010Above Kokkari
  • 20090222-011Above Kokkari
  • 20090222-013Tony likes it!
  • 20090222-014Above Kokkari
  • 20090222-019+18 C. in Kokkari.
  • 20090222-025Above Kokkari
  • 20090222-029Above Kokkari