Kokkari area, Mar. 2009.

A lot of work is going on in the Kokkari area.

Here are some pictures from a quick tour through Kedros and Kokkari, and from the harbour area.

Nice if the bad curve between Kedros and Kokkari will disappear.

  • 00-20090316RoadWorkInKedros'Approaching' Kedros
  • 01-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosRoad work in Kedros
  • 02-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosRoad work in Kedros
  • 03-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosRoad work in Kedros
  • 04-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosRoad work in Kedros
  • 05-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosRoad work in Kedros
  • 06-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosWill the bad curve disappear?
  • 07-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosSeen from 'Kokkari side'
  • 08-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosSeen from 'Kokkari side'
  • 09-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosDirection Kokkari
  • 10-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosCreating a 'shortcut'
  • 11-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosCreating a 'shortcut'
  • 12-20090316RoadWorkInKedrosKedros
  • 13-20090316-014Flowers before Kokkari.
  • 14-20090316KokkariNewClubAMOREnext2petrolStNew Club AMORE by petrol station
  • 15-20090316KokkariNewClubAMOREnext2petrolStNew Club AMORE by petrol station
  • 16-20090316KokkariMainParkingNeedGravelMain P. place needs gravel!
  • 17-20090316KokkariMainParkingNeedGravelMain P. place needs gravel!
  • 18-20090316KokkariMainParkingApporx. 15 rental cars parked the whole winter.
  • 19-20090316KokkariParkingApporx. 15 rental cars parked the whole winter.
  • 20-DSC_9082Another kind of 'long time parking'.
  • 21-DSC_9080Another kind of 'long time parking'.
  • 22-DSC_9081Another kind of 'long time parking'.
  • 23-20090316PplacePerhapsPerhaps new parking area
  • 24-20090316KokkariMainRoadWestKokkari main road (west)
  • 25-20090316reopeningRestaurantNearLemonakiaReopening restaurant near Lemonakia
  • 26-20090316reopeningRestaurantNearLemonakiaReopening restaurant near Lemonakia
  • 27-20090318KokkariBibeloAsParkingAreaBibelo used as parking area
  • 28-20090318KokkariHarbourEastAsParkingareaHarbour promenade (east) As P. area.
  • 29-20090318KokkariHotRenovAndReopningRenovating & reopening hotel
  • 30-20090318KokkariMediteranoRenovationMediterano renovation
  • 31-20090318KokkariMeraviliaChangingRoofMeravilia. Changing roof.