Winter in Kokkari, Feb. 2012.

Photo: Jan. Text: Torben

As soon as Jan came back to Kokkari after a Norway tour the winter began for real. Temperatures down to 3 degrees and the snow has reached down to Manolates and Vourliotes. Today (2 Feb.) there is heavy rain in Kokkari.
The global heating is opposite in Kokkari - 2 years ago on the 2. Feb. the temperature was 15.6 degree, last year 13 and this year 3!!!

Jan had a quick tour out in the rain and took some pictures of the 'Kokkari winter'.

  • w02Feb2012-01Snow in the mountains.
  • w02Feb2012-02Snow in the mountains.
  • w02Feb2012-03Snow in the mountains.
  • w02Feb2012-04Snow in the mountains.
  • w02Feb2012-05At the beach.
  • w02Feb2012-06At the beach.
  • w02Feb2012-07At the beach.
  • w02Feb2012-08Rain in Kokkari.
  • w02Feb2012-09Rain in Kokkari.
  • w02Feb2012-10Vangelis in his new shop.
  • w02Feb2012-11Oranges ready.
  • w02Feb2012-12Please pick us up!!