Kokkari - March 2008

5. March. Jan passed Athens airport and took pictures for this panorama showing the Athens area with snow.
Shortly after he was back home in Kokkari where the "summertime" allready had begun.

  • 2008-03-05_013From Athens airport 5. March
  • 2008-03-06_002Flowers by Jan's neighbours 6. Mar. (camelia)
  • 2008-03-06_003Flowers by Jan's neighbours 6. Mar. (camelia)
  • 2008-03-06_004Flowers by Jan's neighbours 6. Mar. (camelia)
  • 2008-03-06_013Strawberry 6. Mar.
  • 2008-03-08_Car_rental_Memorys_carsMemory car rental is ready... 8. Mar.
  • 2008-03-08_New_path_to_Pension_RaniaNew path to Pension Rania
  • 2008-03-08_New_wall_outside_the_churchNew wall outside the church
  • 2008-03-08_Platia_as_a_playgroundPlatia (the Square) as a playground
  • 2008-03-08_Platia_as_a_playground_2Platia (the Square) as a playground
  • 2008-03-08_Platia_the_Square_as_a_playgroundPlatia (the Square) as a playground
  • 2008-03-08_Shopping_street_waiting_for_tourists_1Shopping street waiting for tourists
  • 2008-03-08_Taxi_pricesTaxi price list
  • 2008-03-08_The_restaurant_are_still_emptyThe restaurants are still closed
  • 2008-03-08_Utenfor_hjemme_blomstrende_liljeOutside Jan's home 8. Mar.
  • 2008-03-08_Utenfor_hjemme_drueplanteneGrape plants. 8. Mar.
  • 2008-03-08_Utenfor_hjemme_drueplantene_3Jan inspecting the grape plants.
  • 2008-03-08_Utenfor_hjemme_mors_nye_blomsterbedBackstrøms 'big' garden..
  • 2008-03-08_Utenfor_hjemme_sitrinstreet_mister_bladerThe citrus tree is loosing the leaves