Kokkari Feb. 2011-2

A small photo reportage covering:

The bridge over the water channel is now after 4 month almost finished - the work was planned to last 4 weeks.

The former Club Cabana has for years been very ugly to look at. Now the building is being repaired and will be used for a shop.

Some pictures from the beach showing the traces from the bad weather, and some to show how nice Kokkari looks 'outside the season'

A few pictures from the reservate at Mykali - only a few flamingos were still there - and the tour ends at the harbour in Pythagorion

  • k110205-01-Kokkari1Kokkari new bridge
  • k110205-02-Kokkari2Kokkari new bridge
  • k110205-03-Kokkari3Kokkari. Renovating 'Cabana'- shop will open here.
  • k110205-05-Kokkari11Kokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-06-Kokkari5Kokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-07-Kokkari6Kokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-09-Kokkari8Kokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-10-Kokkari9Kokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-11-KokkariKokkari. Renovating
  • k110205-12-Kokkari12Kokkari. Girasole
  • k110205-13-Kokkari13Kokkari. Cafe Del Mar
  • k110205-14-Kokkari14Kokkari. Profile Bar
  • k110205-15-Kokkari15Kokkari. Tarsanas Beach west
  • k110205-16-Kokkari16Kokkari. Alfa Bar
  • k110205-17-Kokkari17Kokkari. Olympia Beach Hotel
  • k110205-18-Kokkari18Kokkari. Hotel Tsamadou
  • k110205-19-Kokkari19Kokkari. Hotel Tsamadou
  • k110206-01-flowers-KokkariFlowers-Kokkari
  • k110206-02-Kokkari-Tarsanas_beachKokkari-Tarsanas_beach east
  • k110206-03-Kokkari-moleKokkari-mole
  • k110206-04-Kokkari-harbour-WKokkari-harbour-W
  • k110206-05-Tree-cleaning-lampTree cleaning lamp or just a hello to a 'steel-cousin'
  • k110206-06-Kokkari-doorsKokkari-doors
  • k110206-07-Kokkari-doorsKokkari-doors
  • k110206-08-Kokkari-doorsKokkari-doors
  • k110206-09-Parked-rental-carsParked rental cars
  • k110206-10-House-for-saleHouse for sale. 'Some' repair is needed.
  • k110206-11-House-for-saleHouse for sale. 'Some' repair is needed.
  • k110206-12-Kokkari-narrow-passageKokkari narrow passage
  • k110206-13-Kokkari-narrow-passageKokkari narrow passage
  • k110206-14-Using-wet-firewoodUsing wet firewood
  • m110203-01-Blomster-Mykali1Flowers at Mykali
  • m110203-02-Flamingo5Flamingos at Mykali
  • m110203-03-Flamingo4Flamingos at Mykali
  • m110203-04-Flamingo9Flamingos at Mykali
  • m110203-05-Flamingo10Flamingos at Mykali
  • m110203-06-Flamingo13Flamingos at Mykali
  • m110203-07-MykaliBeach5Mykali Beach
  • m110203-08-MykaliBeach6Mykali Beach
  • m110203-09-Pythagorion4Pythagorion