Kokkari May 2008.

Pictures from The Beer (opposite the church) with Artemis Eirini and the old musician Costas. We have earlier showed pictures from the construction work at Tarsanas Beach - now it is finished.

  • 1-20080519_The_BeerThe Beer - Just opposite the church
  • 10-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_new_building5TARSANAS BEACH new building
  • 11-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_new_buildingTARSANAS BEACH new building
  • 12-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_view_from_the_big_terraceTARSANAS BEACH view from the big terrace
  • 13-2008_05_20TARSANAS_BEACH_living_room1TARSANAS BEACH living room
  • 14-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_bathroomTARSANAS BEACH bathroom
  • 15-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_sleepingh_room_new_building20 May 08. TARSANAS BEACH sleeping room new building
  • 2-20080519_The_BeerThe Beer
  • 3-20080519_Costas_the_old_musicianCostas, the old musician
  • 4-20080519_The_host_of_the_Beer_Eirini_and_Artemis_with_CostasThe host of the Beer, Eirini and Artemis with Costas
  • 5-20080519_The_host_of_the_Beer_Eirini_and_Artemis_with_CostasThe host of the Beer, Eirini and Artemis with Costas
  • 6-20080519_The_host_of_the_Beer_Eirini_and_Artemis_with_CostasThe host of the Beer, Eirini and Artemis with Costas
  • 7-20080519_View_from_Lars_and_Idas_houseView from Lars and Idas house
  • 8-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_front_of_old_building20 May 2008. TARSANAS BEACH front of old building
  • 9-2008_05_20_TARSANAS_BEACH_new_building1TARSANAS BEACH new building
  • TobecontinuedTobecontinued