Week end evening, winter time.

Photo: Torben


We have had several questions like: "What is open in Kokkari in the wintertime?" and "Is it possible to get something to eat in the evenings?".
Therefore we took an evening tour to make pictures of all open places.
Some of the places are only open Friday to Sunday, but every day in the week there are some open places, so there is no risk for starving!

  • _DSC1463Dionyssos
  • _DSC1464Dionyssos
  • _DSC1567'Souvlaki-shop'
  • _DSC1568ATM machine
  • _DSC1571Pastry shop
  • _DSC1572Pastry shop
  • _DSC1574Cigaret shop
  • _DSC1576Pastry shop
  • _DSC1578Often seen sign
  • _DSC1581Mini market
  • _DSC1582Rest. Prima Vera
  • _DSC1585Goal Bar
  • _DSC1588Rest. Kokkari
  • _DSC1590Vagelis Bar
  • _DSC1593Outside Vagelis Bar - Rest. Kokkari in background.
  • _DSC1597Harbour promenade
  • _DSC1598La Costa
  • _DSC1600La Costa
  • _DSC1601End of the promenade
  • _DSC1603Harbour
  • _DSC1604Beach by Poquito Bar
  • _DSC1606Tarsanas
  • _DSC1607Winter prices
  • _DSC1611Art Cafe
  • _DSC1612Gold Anchor- snack Bar
  • _DSC1614Profile Bar
  • _DSC1621Odyssey
  • _DSC1623Main street