August 2019

This August-tour was again very nice with allmost TOO good weather.

On the Northside of Samos we had temperatures between 31 & 37 degree in the daytime,

and some evenings/nights not less than 29-31 at midnight. Most of the days we had light

wind from North so the humidity was luckily very low. As usually I had many nice 'MC-tours'

and jeep-tours, and I really felt the difference between the North and Southpart of the island.

North: Nice and warm - South: some days like driving in a HOT steam owen.

I think we one day had a few drops of rain (I am not quite sure), a small earthquake (only

4,5 to 4,6 on Ricterscale) and a rather big fire east of Pythagorion. Many guests were

evaquated, but luckily no people hurt and no buildings damaged. The heavy wind turned a

few times during the fire, and directed the fire through area without hotels and buildings.

Some places the risk was very high.

Now I am looking forward to my October-tour.