Rain in Jan. 2010.

This is an example on really bad weather in January.


The rain began at night between 21 & 22 Jan. and continued most of 22 Jan. When I received the morning picture from our webcam ( send every day at 8 o'clock) I knew that something was wrong - either the camera or the weather. Jan explained what was wrong and have taken the below pictures to show it.

The pictures from the parking place just in front of his entrance really shows how bad it was. It was not a parking place - it was a parking lake!! / Torben


  • 101The 'morning picture' from our webcam showed BAD weather.
  • 102The 'PARKING LAKE' seen from Jans frontdoor.
  • 103Up to 50-60 cm deep!!
  • 104Not floating..
  • 104aWater everywhere
  • 105just one big lake
  • 106just one big lake
  • 107Seen from the exit
  • 108Seen from the exit
  • 109exit to a small river..
  • 110The Eastern harbour promenade
  • 111-boatparkingboatparking (be prepared!)
  • 112-rubbishfromseaLots of rubbish from the sea
  • 113-Tarsanas beachTarsanas Beach
  • 114A walking street in summertime and now a river. Water level going down (look at the wall).
  • 115Main street west
  • 116Water comes up from the drain
  • 117Main street west
  • 118Main street west
  • 119-SotiriaThe roads in the hills are now small rivers (Sotiria)
  • 120-SotiriaThe roads in the hills are now small rivers (Sotiria)
  • 121-SotiriaOlive trees standing in water-Sotiria
  • 122-SotiriaOlive trees SWIMMING in water-Sotiria
  • 123-mandeltreAlmond tree flowering in the rain


Next day:


  • 124-2301-KokkariThe day after - much to clean.
  • 125-2301-KokkariThe day after - much to clean.
  • 126-2301-KokkariThe day after - much to clean.