June 2010 Strange weather.

Weather June 2010.

The weather in June was very strange. It changed between rather cool (cold) and very hot.

We even got rain! Many local people said that they could not remember that the weather had been like this.

Thanks to Lars Frederiksen for the "tornado"-pictures. Tornado is placed in "" because the right name is 'waterspout'. Tornados and waterspouts are basically the same phenomena - the different names tell where they are - tornado over land and waterspout over the sea.

The pictures is taken on 23., 24. & 25. June.

  • 01-DSC_3081aThe day began as normal but the weather changed..
  • 02-2010jun23_001saFrom Kokkari 2 tornados (waterspouts) were seen. Photo: Lars Frederiksen.
  • 03-2010jun23_004saThey ended their short life as a wipped up area on the sea surface. Photo: Lars Frederiksen.
  • 04-DSC_3088aAnd we got heavy RAIN!! (seen from Hotel La Plage)
  • 05-DSC_3089aRain in June.
  • 06-DSC_3091aRain in June.
  • 07-DSC_3090aRain in June.
  • 08-DSC_3092aRain in June.
  • 09-DSC_3096aNext day: blue sky and beautiful weather.(1 of 2)
  • 10-DSC_3102aNext day: blue sky and beautiful weather.(2 of 2)
  • 11-DSC_3113aFollowing day: Changing again. View from the top of Mt. Kastro.