Moni Zoodochou Pigis

Moni Zoodochou Pigis is absolutely worth visiting even if it is not allowed to bring a camera.



[Location of the monastery]




Panorama from the monastery

  • 01-P8295664M. Zoodochou Pigis
  • 03-P8071927M. Zoodochou Pigis
  • 04-P8071926M. Zoodochou Pigis
  • 05-P8295654The entrance
  • 06-P8295653The 'welcome' sign
  • 07-P6280602The church
  • 08-P6280595The church
  • 09-P6280601The church
  • 10-P6280597The church inside
  • 11-P6280596The church inside
  • 12-P6280598In the monastery
  • 13-P6280599In the monastery
  • 14-P6280600In the monastery
  • 15-P6280604In the monastery
  • 16-P6280605In the monastery
  • 17-P6280603In the monastery
  • 18-_DSC4990View from the monastery with the war monument in the foreground
  • 19-_DSC4991The war monument
  • 20-P8295661The text - see bigger picture for 'translation'
  • 21-P8295659A view down to B. Mourtia


Panorama from the monument