Samos March 2007

Photo: Jan Backstrøm, Kokkari.


Eclipse of the moon seen from Kokkari 4. March.




  • 01-Aelous_bar01-Aelous_bar
  • 02-Wave_bar02-Wave_bar
  • 03-NysandwichbarNew sandwichbar across Goal Bar.
  • 04-ByggvisavisDuckMay be finishing now? Began 1997. (Just across Duck)
  • 05-NybyggBrothers1New building behind and above The Brothers.
  • 06-NybyggBrothers2New building behind and above The Brothers.
  • 07-NybyggBrothers3New building behind and above The Brothers.
  • 08-VannMainstreet in Kokkari blocked for 1 week. Drain-work.
  • 09-RepairneedSome repair is highly recommended and needed.
  • 10-BiboloRestoring Bibolo taverna.
  • 11-opprydingsnart2The 'Spring-cleaning' of the beach will soon begin.
  • 12-Blomsterkirka1Flowering bushes at the church.
  • 13-DetspirerThe 'summerflowers' ready ..
  • 14-Sommerblomster.. and waiting for the big 'color-boom'.
  • 15-VaarblomstThe springflowers are standing everywhere now.
  • 16-slangefarm1HIGH-TECH water distribution.
  • 16a-slangefarm116a-slangefarm1
  • 17-sitronerMore lemons than leaves.


Outside Kokkari

  • 18-greskparkingTypical "Greek parking" at the airport.
  • 19-uteservering2Outdoor cafe at Pythagoras Square, Samos town.
  • 20-uteservering1Still a little cool, but NICE !!