Ancient Church and biggest olivetree, Mili

We heard some rumors about the oldest Christian Church and the biggest olive tree.

Of course we had to find them.

We have no certain information about the church yet, but on the remains the name:

GRIGORIOS is visible and we have heard that the name of the church (translated)

should mean something like: "Church with 12 doors" (one for each apostles).

GPS pos.: 37.685674°N,26.862884°E

The olivetree is really big, but we are a little unsure if it really is the biggest.

The circumference of the tree is about 11 meters. It is placed in a private garden,
but there is a footpath along the fence 1 meter from the tree.

GPS pos.: 37.680828°N,26.860894°E

We have added 2 Google Earth pictures if anyone want to visit the places.