Newsletter Oct. 2010.


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Date: 3 Oct. 2010


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Samostour news:

Due to some unpredictable  circumstances the newsletter have been very delayed  - sorry for that.


 During the fire in August the number of visitors increased dramatically (3-4 times normal) and we have heard, that some visitors used the webcam to watch the helicopters when they collected  water.


I (Torben) tried to find news on the Greek television via the links on samostour - but instead of news my main computer became seriously infected by virus delivered from the TV-station!! It took me 4 weeks to save all data and to have it up running again.

The links were immediately removed !!


We have had some problems with the webcam. Sometimes it was not updating correct - it was 2-3 minutes behind and worst case up to 45 minutes. The problem was (and is?) that Hotel Tsamadou now has changed from OTE to Forthnet and this new connection is apparently not as stable as it should be.

Our internetprovider has now moved samostour to a new and faster server with better 'error-correction' and we hope it will solve the problem.


My 'August trip' By Torben.

My third trip this year was special. It was a very depressing to pass through the burned area. The view and the smell were unforgettable!


The fire was a 'double tragedy': All the owners’ big loss and according to our info also a sadly family tragedy. No more information about this before the trial has ended.


The weather in August was extreme, so instead of a lot of tours in the mountains (as usual) this trip became my first really relaxing 'sun and bath' vacation on Samos since my first trip back in 1995 - It was new to me, but I must say: I really enjoyed it!

In spite of the heat we had a few tours: Eupalinos tunnel, Spilliani monastery, top of Mount Kastro and ...


We also visited the dairy in Mitilini (full reportage will be brought on samostour).

Many insects were active in the heat (except the mosquitos!). Among other things I found a colony of Ant-lions and a lot of dragon flies.

I also had to take a closer look at the "costal defence" at Tsarli (between Kambos and Agh. Konstandinos).

Kokkari is now (as Jan describes in the following) approaching the winter time, so now it is time for the last "samostour" for me this year - I will arrive in Kokkari 13. Oct. and stay until 3. Nov. and I hope to meet some of samostours visitors during my stay..



A summer is over.  By Jan.

The calendar shows that it is autumn and the number of tourists here on Samos is decreasing.  Restaurants, bars and the various summer shops are closing or are preparing to close for winter.

Currently, only a few restaurants and bars have closed, but during this weekend many of them will close and more will follow within the next few weeks. They will stay closed for the whole winter time.
A few restaurants and bars are open the whole winter.


Closed and/or empty everywhere





The big travel companies, such as TUI and Thomas Cook, now control more or less all the tourist traffic and when they stop with their charter flights it mostly indicate the end of season and that will also stop the rest of the tourist traffic.

A few years ago, the season was from four to six weeks longer in total. There was an earlier start and later finish. But we have to mention that a few German and Dutch companies continue almost throughout October.


This amazes us a great deal, because the next 5-6 weeks or more normally tend to be stunning and there will be a good time for relaxing and walking, also sunbathing, but some days may be too cold for visiting the beaches.









At the moment it is clear sky and about 30 degrees outside (Sunday, 3 October 2010 at 13.30) and future weather report says it will be nice weather.




Most of the tourists who are here now are people who love to walk and hike in the hills and mountains and currently the weather is certainly on their side. Not too hot, but still a lot of sun and very good weather for hiking.












Bathing temperature is also good, the last days the sea water temperature was approx. 22-23 degrees.  For us Scandinavians, it is a very good water temperature.







These oranges will be ready around Christmas.                      Wine yard down in Kokkari.  


As usual in the autumn, the air is thick with rumours when it comes to who will open in the spring and which of the restaurants and bars will change locations, as well as owners. Currently, all information is still unofficial (based on rumours) and all the involved keep their agreements/plans secret. Next spring we will know when we see that they are beginning with the relocation and renovation. We will bring the information as soon as we know something.


I myself will be here on Samos most of the winter, except for a few weeks "vacation" in Norway in December and January. Anyway, I promise that there will be some small articles and pictures in the autumn on our website and maybe even some new reports from the daily life and places of work here on Samos.

GOOD FALL TO YOU ALL.     Greetings from Jan    


Best regards from

Jan & Torben


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