Mobil phone on Samos.





BE CAREFUL if you bring your cellphone / mobilphone !!!!
It might be more expensive than you expected.

A call from Samos to other parts of Europe costs about 1 Euro per minute. And it will cost you nearly the same to receive a call!

Furthermore if you drive around on Samos you will get several SMS's with "Welcome to ..." messages from the different phone companies AND also from TURKEY - very friendly, BUT you have to pay for receiving all of them !!! My experience is, that a day-tour easily can cost one Euro on the phone bill.

To prevent this and make cheaper calls you can:

  • Lock your phone to one of the Greek phone companies, so it don't select another or a Turkish.
  • You can buy a phone card with a Greek number and change the SIM card in your phone. ( Start packet incl. some speaktime cost 5-10 Euro). Then you can make calls cheaper out of Greece, and you do not have to pay for incoming calls. Of course you have to tell about your new number but a SMS do not cost a fortune.The Greek number will be "yours" for 12 month since last 'fill up', so if you plan to visit Greece again within this period this might be a good solution.
  • If you want to have your 'normal' phone active and also want the Greek number, then you can buy a small but good mobil phone inclusive start packet and some speaktime for around 30 Euro.
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