Greek evening 2005 Restaurant Mythos

Greek evening at Mythos is for us always a must!!

This year brought a few new things. New musicians and some very active 'new' regular guests.

The musicians are VERY good! One of the 'new' regular guests is Manolis - he is a very good singer and dancer - remarkable good !!

Many professionals could learn a lot from him!

Of the other people who are making the Greek evening to 'the night of the week', I have to mention the two waiters: Geronimo and Panayotis, the girl who very often dance (at the table) and of course : all the local people !!

What makes the Greek evenings at Mythos so special and good?

The answer is very simple: It is the combination of a very nice restaurant with good service, excellent good food, many local guests and no special arrangements for tourists!



I think you have guessed who this is ...

Right !! It is Manolis !!

Great thanks to Manolis !!