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Happy Christmas to all in Kokkari
Happy Christmas to all in Kokkari 
With a special wish for 
Virginia Catinas - Christos , Uli, Manos & Andreas Amyrisos 
Artemis (The Biera) Maria (Venus Hotel) Lefteris (best taxi driver) 
Apolostos and Deni (Kool Cat) 
Love Always 

Pauline: Latest Photos

Thank you for the latest photos taken in October 2016 They gave me much joy. I was not able to visit as hoped in August and look at the webcam to ease the pain ! Good to know you are still well and able to visit your favourite place regularly

Jörg: WEbcam 3
Info: Finally not all 3 webcams working again. :-))

Anita: Webcam

Oh, yesterday we came HOME from Samos.......:-((( And now is THE webcam down, I missed it a lot! I'm al sad. Hope is soon ready......... Anita.

Reply: Hi - Monday I will be 'home' ON Samos again :-)   Two of the cam's are working again - the last one we hope to have fixed Tuesday (at least we will do our best). Many greetings  Torben

Jörg: WEBCAM 3

HI TORBEN,ist es möglich die Webcam Number 3 ein bisschen mehr nach rechts zu schwenken UND etwas mehr in die Berge heranzuzoomen!?Vielen Dank Jorgos HI TORBEN, it is possible the webcam Number 3 to pivot a bit more to the right AND zoom in a little more in the mountains!? Thanks Jorgos

Reply: Hi, The cam has no zoom, but I will try to move the cam after the weekend - as it is now it is not possible to turn it further to the right, because it is mounted too close to the box with the powersupply. Many regards  Torben

Rhea: Webcam

Hello ! Did you know the webcams are not functioning anymore ? The west cam for weeks now but today the east cam also stopped. Hope someone can fix it ..... Have a great day Regards, Rhea

Hi Rhea. My tickets are ready, and I will be on Samos Monday and I hope to have the 'west-cam' running again Tuesday or Wednesday. The last 2 cams we hope to have restarted today. Many greetings, Torben

Anita: Web cam
Thank YOU for cleaning THE web cam!! THE vieuw is WONDERFUL new now. 8 times a day I'm looking for THE web camto see our Kokkari. We come Here every year since 1974!!! THE best place in THE World to be........ Anita.

Monika, Switzerland: Monk seal
I learned that the monk seal Argiro was slightly wounded a small tourist and she was very frightened. I hope nevertheless that the seal is still alive near Kokkari and the guards of the sea wild life protect everything (humains and seals. Good holidays. Monika

Sylvia o Göran: Nära

Nu är det nära, vi reser om en vecka. Lördag den 6/8 hoppas att vi träffas på alfa bar på lördag kväll eller senare under veckan. Kära hälsningar Sylvia o göran

Reply: Hi Sylvia & Göran - jeg rejser også lørdag men ankommer først til Kokkari søndag... Vi træffes snart :-))  /Torben

Monika: Webcam
No problem for me. Kind regards. Monika Elvetia

Rhea: webcam

Maybe you already now but the webcams are not functioning since last night :-( Regards, Rhea

Reply: Thanks for info

barry : eupalinos tunnel

Hi Torben< Good to meet you in Kokkari,and learn more about "THE TUNNEL". Val + I arrived back home on Friday> I hope your wife has recovered and she is out of hospital. We found your info on the Tunnel very interesting and it was good to meet the person who supplied the info I have been reading for many years. We will be back in Sept, if you are stil there we will meet again and have another ouzo. Regards Barry + Valerie

Reply: Hi - thanks for a nice talk at AlfaBar - hope to meet you again, I will be back 'home' in Kokkari most of August and 3 weeks some time between Sept & Nov. Many regards Torben

Lex: Holiday
on the 22th of juni we are going to visit the beautiful island of Samos and specialy Kokkari for the 5th time, this time to support the people in this difficult periode! We wont let you down! every time its like comming home, such a beautiful and hospitality with greek people. On Archangelos we stay, and by Meltemi we eat. We can not wait for that. We visit your site every day, to see what is the weather and to dream about kokkari. A question, yesterday we saw a lot of smoke near the camera's, and one of the camera's give a troubeled picture, was there a problem? Thanks for your beautiful site, Torben. Kalimera, Lex, Maassluis, the Netherlands

Monika, Switzerland: Photos

It's always a pleasure to discover the recent photos of Samos. Unfortunately, I see that the procession moth caterpillar is also at Samos. Have the local Greeks took action against this scourge? And pine are affected? Too bad, because I still reports of pine honey in my luggage every years. Kind regards

Reply: I have not heard anything about any action against the caterpillars and I do not know if they are doing any good things to the nature. But it would be a rather easy job to reduce the number of the insects - just spray their 'winter-nests'. Many regards  Torben

Dirk: Chapels&churches

Super Tolben to produce the interactive map. I make my plans up for walks in June to visit these places in and around Kokkari. Thanks a lot!

Reply: Thanks for the nice words - hope to see you in June. Many regards / Torben

Karin o Hans Olle Axelsson: hälsning

Hej, tack för de nya bilderna. Vi ser att man äntligen har försökt göra något med parkeringen vi kyrkan. Det hjälper Jan och Lisen så de kan komma torra hem. Vi kommer ner i slutet av maj för två veckor. Vi hoppas att få möta er då. Är alfabar fortfarande öppen inför säsongen? Hälsningar Karin Hans Olle .

Reply: Parkeringen sker der ikke meget ved - der er stadig kun et langt hul... Jeg er på Samos nu og rejser nordpå igen d. 21 april. Men vender tilbage 3 uger i juni og 3 uger i august. På AlfaBar er de (som næsten alle steder) ved at klargøre til sæsonen. Stor hilsen  Torben

Göran Lindberg: Bilder

Tack för fina bilder som ger oss stor glädje och längtan till Kokkari. Vi får ge oss till tåls ett tag till. Hälsningar Sylvia & Göran

Reply: Hej Sylvia & Göran - om 3 uger er jeg i Kokkari og sætter hotelskiltet op, så sæsonen kan begynde :-)

Der er ikke lang tid til vi ses igen dernede på paradis-øen. Stor hilsen Torben

per: kokkari

We love Kokkari

Paul Down: Kokkari

Hi How's thing with you as there was a large piece in the local paper ref our boat friends, Will be back out in July but my wife is worried about the situation

Reply: There is nothing to be worried about! I will be there again in March-April and again in June and August ++?? We have decided not to mention or bring pictures of the 'boat-people' on our site. I have met several of them, and talked with them, but never seen or heard anything like the 'horror-stories' in the press. Best regards Torben

Rhea: cam

Hai Torben, Hope the computer tech is fine now and also for him (or her) a great 2016 and of course we will be back to Samos this year. It's so nice we can look all year to the beach ! Thank you ! Rhea

Reply. Hi both cams were fixed, but unfortunatily one of them stopped again after 2 days. Hope it will be ok again shortly.  / Torben

Rhea: 2016

Hello, Happy New Year ! (hope cam will be back soon) Rhea en Jap

Reply: Thanks and the same wishes for you. I have just heard news from Kokkari. The computer tech that helps us with the cams has been sick the last week, and therefore nothing has happened. He will take a look at it today. / regards Torben

Jörg: Webcam
I like the "Greek Today"....

Rhea: Cams
Hai Torben, Thanks, that's great, have a nice day ! Rhea

Rhea: Webcam

Goodmorning, There are two webcams not functioning is there a way to repair them ??? Rhea

Reply: Hi - it will hopefully be fixed today. / Torben

David Bailey: Missing Samos

How Linda & I missed Samos this year - due to family commitments we had to stay in England - no holiday and no Samos.... :( how nice it is to see the updates in the All Year reports - Many Thanks for some light in the winter Gloom.... I hope you are all well - hope to be back in Kokkari in 2016.

Reply: Hi David - hope to see you in the new year / Torben

jörg: cam
ok.Thorben, that will be a hard time for us that we can´t see our house directly in cam3..... greatings Fam. Jörg+Britta+Mia

Dirk: Samos time

Unfortunately the time as mentioned, is wrong. Real time on Samos is just 1 hour earlier

Reply: Hi Dirk - thanks! I forgot to change the webcams to 'normal-time'. Regards Torben.

Jörg: Cam3

Hi Thorben, Today im leaving Kokkari!, and now i cant see my house in the mountains anymore on camera 3 ,what ist happen!? Greatings Jörg


Hi Jörg. My 3 weeks in Kokkari also terminated today (Tuesday). Regarding cam 3: Monday I tryed to focus the cam better, but the lens got very poor, so I had to change back to the old lens (wideangle).

I will try to find another and better lens before my next tour to Kokkari. Regards Torben.

Monika, Switzerland: Info seal
Last week, seal was still in Kokkari .... Good winter. Monika Elvetia

Ste: Season 2015
Now the season 2015 is finally over... Dimitris from Stella Beach (cam 1) has removed his sunshades and sunbeds :( but... we look forward to the next great season 2016 in Kokkari :) [hopefully without seal] Greeze from Switzerland, Ste and Kathi

Jörg: Cam3

Hi Torben , I'm 20 October back to Samos , you're still there !?

Reply:  Hi Jörg - Yes returning to DK on 27 Oct.

Jörg: Cam3

HELLO Torben is my graphics card so bad to see so blurry in my whole PCs, tablets , mobile phone ... or is the image in the Webcam No.3 ! ? I feel like mountains in the background is not " sharp " to see.Greatings Jörg still20DaystoSamos

Reply: Hi, as I wrote late August it was very difficult to see anything on the computer when we were on the top of Tsamadou Hotel due to the heavy sunshine.
Therefore the final adjustment was impossible. I have allmost just returned from Samos, but I will pack my suitcase again and take a tour to Samos next week so we can have the problem solved.
I will arrive 5'th Oct.   Many regards Torben

Monique, Switzerland: Turtles

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, I did not see the little turtles in Potokaki, but against the monk seal sleeping on the beach in Kokkari in September 2015.


Hi - it is allways nice to have a few things waiting for the next tour to Samos. :-) Many regards Torben.

Rhea: LOL
Hahahaha great Ste to see you here , nooooo new glasses hahahahaha , have a great weekend and hope to see you and Kathi next year ....

Ste: West Cam
Hi Rhea I think you need a new pair of glasses, then you see clearly... ;) Love from Switzerland and see you next year at the beach! :) Ste and Kathi

Rhea: yeah
All clear again, thanks !

Rhea: west cam

Hello, The west cam is a bit uh not clear I think it needs a clean up ! Wishing you a great day, it is so good looking at these webcams! Rhea

Reply: Hi, due to heavy wind and big waves the camera lens were covered with salt. This morning the weather changed, and I got the lens cleaned. Many regards  Torben

Jörg: Camera

Hi.Torben,since today and, im here up from Kokkari since 3 Weeks, nothing has change ,as promised , at the camera 3!? Greatings Jörg

Reply: Hi Jörg. I am on Samos now and I have brought a different lens for the cam 3. BUT it has not been possible yet to install and calibrate it, because of the weather situation. Too hot and too bright - it is impossible to see the monitor on the top of the hotel. I hope we will have it installed in a few days. Many greetings / Torben

Göran Lindberg: Nära

Hej Nu är det nära, vi åker till Kokkari på Tisdag och blir där 3 veckor. Hörde att du kommer ner ungefär samma tid så att vi ses. Hälsningar Sylvia o Göran

Reply: Hej Sylvia & Göran. Ja, vi ses meget snart i 'Paradiset'.  I må meget gerne varme en stol op til mig i det skandinaviske hjørne på AlfaBar.  Stor hilsen Torben.

Jörg: Csmera
Hi Volker and Monika!, The only thing you can see clear with the neu view of the camera are the houses in the front and the sky in the back.. !, NOT the nice details of the mountains! Greatings from Hamburg

Jaap: Webcam west

You have to clean the webcam. The vieuw is like there is fog

Reply: Sorry - I could not clean it - I am 2000 km from the camera right now :-)

I hope the owner of Alfa Bar climbed up on the roof and got it cleaned. Many regards / Torben.

Volker: Camera South-West

Hallo together the view of the mountains is much more beautiful than before. Please do not change! Greetings to Kokkari at 35 degrees in Germany! Thank you Volker + Monika, Germany, Worms

Reply: THANKS!!

Jörg: New Camera

Hi Torben, Thanks for the new camera, Unfortunately this is not the direction as before: - ((, the line of sight was more to the right and a lot more zoom into the mountain. Hej Torben, Tak for det nye kamera, Desværre er dette ikke den retning, som før: - ((, synsvidde var mere til højre og meget mere zoom ind i bjerget. is it possible to change it!?? ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Reply: Hi Jörg. The new cam is 2-3 degree more to the right and it was delivered with a more wide lens. I will try to change the lens when I am back in Kokkari in August. Please make a screenshot of the cam-page, mark your house on it and send it to me by email. Then I can adjust the cam to the best possible view. Many regards Torben

Jörg: Webcam soutwest

Hello, nice to read that you want to install a new camera! PLEASE PLEASE install it in the same direction as now!! every Day we look to our house below the small church of Dimitris in the Mountain, at the right side in the middle. greatings Jörg

Reply: We will do that! :-)

Jörg: Camera

Hello, the webcam southwest does not work! Greatings Jörg

Reply: Hi. We have some periodically problems with that camera - now it works again -
in a few days we will install a new camera, change all cables and check everything in
the control-box on top of hotel Tsamadou.

richard: flights
Hi Everybody , Just a query , we live near Manchester ,there have been no direct flights to Samos ,since Thomson stopped flying at least 4 years ago ,why ? Flying from Gatwick ,with the very early flights means staying overnight in a hotel nearby , costly as well as inconvenient ,weve not been to to Samos island since ,because of this . Were off to Lesbos next week at least there's a direct flight ???? When will the tour companies realise there is a commercial opportunity here . Maybe Easy Jet ,Ryanair ,Jet2 ,or anybody else will start flying to Samos again ,Thomson and Thomas Cook should really look again at the possibilties ? Cheers Richard

Jörg: Camera

Moin Jungs! Kleine Info die Webcam Südwest funktioniert seit ein paar Tagen nicht mehr! Gruß Jörg

Reply: I am on Samos now, and I hope to have it fixed today. / Torben

Han: Alexis & Mirjam
After a conversion of a few months, Alexis and Mirjam together with the old cook opened in the first week of may the restaurant La Bussola again. Until last year the restaurant Kariatida established there. It is up to the other side of the port where the former restaurant was.

Antoinette: Alex and Miriam
I read that Alex and Miriam start their restaurant "Bussola" at the place of Kariatida. Maybe they started already, don't know. Someone who knows more about it? We would like to hear!!!!

barry and val: alex + miiam
we have received info that they will be @ the resurrected 'La Bussola' fantastic news, it will be great to see them again 'early June' and wish them good luck.

Peter: Kokkari in June
Hello We are visiting again in early June - Kalidon Panorama - 5th time to Kokkari Samos. We were very concerned to see the storm damage during the winter & hope that it has been possible to make repairs, and that no one was injured. Looking forward to visiting a number of Bars & Restaurants in Kokkari during our stay - we like to try different Restaurants. Thank you for the WebCam - it reminds us of happy times in Samos. What has happened to the Ducks - we did not see them last year (September) ??. Please keep the website going. Samos & Kokkari are favourite places for us, and hold a lot of precious memories - cannot wait to return on 4th June. With best wishes. P & S (Birmingham England)

Barry Val: Alexis + Miriam
It will be good to see Alexis + Miriam again. Which restaurant will they be at? Will it be Sakis new one?

Karin o Hans Olle Axelsson: fråga

Hej Jan och Torben. Nu är det lite mer än en månad kvar till vi skall resa ner till Kokkari. Hur ser det ut i stan? Har myndigheterna pengar till att laga allt som förstördes i stormarna eller får de boende själv försöka att ordna allt till turisterna kommer. Hoppas att det är bra till vi kommer ner. Ha det gott Hälsning Karin Hans Olle


Hej. Vi håber også, at alt bliver klart til sæsonen. Jan er pt i Norge og jeg er på Bornholm, så vi har ikke noget nyt fra Samos i øjeblikket.

Mange hilsner  Torben

Ton: Alexis & Miriam
Back in town !! Alexis and Miriam are back this year with a restaurant at the harbour.

Karin o Hans Olle Axelsson: hälsning
Hej Jan och Torben. Vi har sett via era bilder och webkamerorna att ni haft en kall och våt och stormig vinter. Hur håller man varmt i husen när det är så? Vi hoppas att allt är väl med er alla fyra. Vi kommer ner första gången i början av juni. Hoppas vi ses då. Ha det gott. Hälsning Karin Hans Olle

Anni: New webcam? :)
Hey dear Jan and Thorben, isn't this a new webcam since a while, that one heading to the east? Nice clear, wide, bright and with good contrast :) So again: thanks for that nice occasion! Many greetings from Germany, Anni

volker: thanks + greetings
Hallo Jan, hallo Thorben many, many thanks for the great web page. Almost every day we use the webcam view over kokkari. Your reports and photos are always very intresting. We look forward to the next pictures and storys. Unfortunately we have at the moment no contact to emilio and his family (the little grill right next to the church). Please be so kind and says the best greetings from us! hopefully see you again in June Volker & Monika (Germany)

Riny Heimans: Webcams

Hello from the Netherlands, Is it possible that someone clean the lenses from the webcams? after all the storms are thea a bit dirty. Meny thanks for the good work. Riny Heimans
Reply: Hi. It has been our plan the last days, but due to heavy wind and too cool weather we have waited. To day we have heavy rain (Clean Monday) - hopefully we can do it tomorrow.  Many regards / Torben

Jörg: Kokkari

Von wem sind die Photos vom 12.02.15? Bin auch grad in Kokkari,wer zu einem Kaffe kommrn möcht,auf gehts!, Ortsausgang Kokkari Richtung LoludiasCastle zweite Kirche unterhalb! Gruß Jörg


Jan hat die Photos gemacht. Vom Mitwoch bin ich auch in Kokkari, dan können uns wir alle treffen. Viele Grüsse / Torben 

volker: greetings
Hello by samos, thank you for the very interesting photos of january and february 2015. Under the summer sun you can not imagine the power of the sea. We hope that no one was hurt and everyone is healthy! Greetings from Germany! Volker and Monika

Karin Axelsson: Question

Last summer somebody told us that Kristo wanted to leave his job on Tsamado beach and find something of his own. Do you no anything about this Greatings Karin Hans Olle


Reply:  Hi, we do not know anything about that, but we will ask him when we see him. Many greetings / Torben

Monika: msg

Is it not possible to remove all of the latest messages that have nothing to do with the site of the friends of Kokkari? Thank you for your attention.


They are now removed. Thanks for info!!  /Torben

Karin, Hans Olle Axelsson: greetings
Hej vi önskar er alla en God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År. Vi ses nästa sommar Karin Hans Olle

Manolis: Nice!
Goodmorning and greetings from Prague! Hope you 're doing well and thsnks for the year reports! Regards, Manolis

Rhea: Webcam East
Hello, Webcam east is not functioning for two days now :-( (25 and 26 november 2014) Do you now if it will come back ? We realy enjoy looking every day at the beach ...

Lis Brønderslev: kort over kirker
Hej Jan og Torben. Hvor er det dejligt med det nye kort med billeder over alle de små kirker. Der er mange flere, end vi har opdaget! Nu har vi nye mål for vores traveture. Mange hilsener Birger og Lis Brønderslev Haslev, Danmark

Riny Heimans: Thank you

Thank you for the web cams, they help me true the winter


Karin och Hans Olle Axelsson: hälsning

Hej Jan och Torben. Nu kommer vi snart ner igen och möter Eva, Bengt Roy, Karin och naturligtvis er fyra. Vi ser fram mot mötet. Vi pratar fortfarande om turen till "end of the world". Hoppas kunna göra om den ett annat år.Ha det gott
Karin   Hans Olle

Sylvia o Göran: Hälsning

Hej Ketty o Torben!

Nu är det nära, i morgon 3 veckor tills vi åker till paradiset. Vi hörde att ni kommer några dagar före oss. Det skall bli trevligt att träffas.

Sylvi o Göran

Tommy: Fin hjemmeside

Hej begge!

Fin hjemmeside I har, altid værd at tjekke webcams, så man kan se hvordan situationen lige er "nu".

5. gang på Samos i år - øen slår alle andre.



Jörg: Webcam

Hi Torben!


Now i can see my House in the Mountains ,"just in time".

I be there from 22Jul-26Aug,

If you want come for a coffee!!,you are welcome.

Greatings from cold Hamburg


Hi Jörg. I will be back here in Kokkari most of August, and I will contact you then. Best regards Torben

Jörg: Webcam


Hi,What is happening with the webcam southwest!???


Hi.  We hope to find the problem tomorrow / Torben

.??? witch tomorrow


Hi Jörg. I replied Monday, 16 June so tomorrow was 17 June :-)
Since then we have repaired the camera, and today changed cables and connectors, so now the cam is operating again. Best regards Torben.

jörg: Webcam

Hi,What is happening with the webcam southwest!???


Hi.  We hope to find the problem tomorrow / Torben

Janet: webcam and site

Next month I will be back in Kokkari again. Last year I visited Zakynthos, also nice, but I missed things and Kokkari feels a bit like home after many times. I can't wait Smile! So now I take more often a  look at your site and ofcourse also the webcams for a preview Cool. Thanks!

J.de Boer: Webcam kokkari alfabar

You have to clean THE lens of THE webcamera west in kokkari. IT looks like there is A fog. Thanks for your attention. I look forward to visit kokkari on 17th June.


nic: Seppo

see you next time in Samos

Mark Taylor: Kokkari

I look at the beach in Kokkari nearly every day through your web cam, I can't wait to return to that wonderful place on 25th June 2014.

Monika: March 2014

Hello Torben,
Thank you for the beautiful pictures made in March. Do you know the name of the bird, photo 30_DSC5175-Mikali. Thank you in advance for your answer. Monika

Hi Monika
Yes, the latin name is: Tadorna ferruginea, English: Ruddy Shelduck, German: Rostgans and finally in Greek: Καστανόπαπια
Many regards

Michael: Samos 2014

Hi Torben and Jan,

this is our favorite SAMOS-PAGE ! Especially because the web-camera ;-)

Just the opportunity to have a look to Kokkari within a few seconds is really fantastic. This will bridge the time until May 13th when we are back to SAMOS for our holiday this year.

Keep on running this nice SAMOS PAGE !

Best regards

Maria & Michael


Karin och Hans Olle Axelsson: påskhälsning

Hej Jan och Torben. Vi hoppas att ni är båda på Samos och att alla mår bra. Vi vill också önska er en glad Påsk.
Vi kommer ner i början av juni och då hoppas vi att det blir lite mer sol och varmare än det varit hitills.
Ha det gott
Karin   Hans Olle

Sylvia o Göran: Hälsning


Rolig att se att ni är igeång igen i Kokkari, tack för underbara bilder.


Sylvia o Göran

Birgit Bauer: Newsletter

I ´d like to receive the newsletter please

Volker Gispert: greetings

all friends of the sunny island of samos a good and happy 2014. See you all in the summer!


Volker + Monika

Worms - Germany

Marie Hedberg: Gott Nytt År

Tack för underbara bilder och möjligheten via webbkameran att se Kokkari när man vill Smile


Gott Nytt År!

Hälsn Marie

Karin och Hans Olle Axelsson: Hälsning

Hej Jan och Torben. Vi vill önska er en god jul och ett gott nytt år. Vi hoppas att vi får träffa er alla nästa år. Vi kommer ner både i juni och september.

KH  Karin   Hans Olle

Margot van den Boom: Samos

I want all info there is, about samos ! Thank you...

Karin och Hans Olle xelsson: tack

Hej Jan och Torben. Tack för de nya bilderna från Kokkari och Samos stad.Vi hoppas att detta betyder att Torben med familj har det bättre nu.
Ha det gott

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